Here are links to Ombudsman organizations, Ombudsman offices, and other Hawaii State Government agency sites.


USOA – The United States Ombudsman Association
The United States Ombudsman Association serves public sector ombudsman offices across the United States, and member offices in Canada, Central America, and other parts of the world.

IOI – International Ombudsman Institute
The International Ombudsman Institute is a worldwide organization of public sector ombudsman offices. The University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, and its Faculty of Law support the IOI.  The web page has links to member offices from around the world and other references.


Alaska Office of the Ombudsman

Anchorage (AK) Office of the Ombudsman

Arizona Office of the Ombudsman / Citizens’ Aide

Detroit (MI) Office of the Ombudsman

Iowa Office of Citizen’s Aide/Ombudsman

Joint Office of the Ombudsman (Dayton, OH)

King County (WA) Office of Citizen Complaints

Nebraska Office of the Ombudsman (Public Counsel)

Portland (OR) Office of the Ombudsman


Hawaii State Legislature

Office of the Auditor

Legislative Reference Bureau

State Government in Hawaii

City and County of Honolulu

County of Hawaii

County of Maui

County of Kauai